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"Life is about memories"

Life is all about precious moments and memories.

A wedding is one of the most important events in everyone's life.

That is why I decided to specialize as a wedding photographer, to capture these remarkable  moments in the most authentic way possible.

I am telling the story of your wedding, using photos and videos which will send you right back to that very day every time you look at them.

Enjoy reminiscing about your wedding over and over again.

Most importantly, all footage has to be spontaneous and unscripted.

To achieve that, I will include myself into the community of your guests, as my appearance will always match the occasion.

If I attend a wedding I like to capture the complete journey throughout that day, meaning I would also like to be part of the preparations to catch all those moments which make this day unforgettable to you.

Authentic Weddingphotos

Natural snapshots are the most beautiful picture of the day. Moments full of love, euphoria, happiness, tear and laughter. Therefore, refrain from taking pictures and documenting your wedding day as you experienced it. You should get a good feeling for who accompanies you on your wedding day, because the chemistry must be well known.

Goo wedding photos mean trust, because only then can I capture your most emotional moments.

A preliminary talk, in which we talk about your personal wishes and dreams for your wedding, as well as the course of the day, is as much part of it as the actual wedding pictures on your big day.

It is important to me that you can fully enjoy your day, so I try as possible not to intervene in the day. Do not feel compelled to constantly search for the camera. I am always there, without your noticing.


"For me, the complete package is crucial to make your wedding memorable!"

Wedding Photography

A wedding reportage is the best way to give a wedding fully and completely. It is important to act unnoticed and unobtrusive in the background. Enjoy the tension and the anticipation.

Relax with your loved one, cry, celebrate and laugh. I take pictures without you realizing it, so you can totally immerse yourself in your wedding and get authentic wedding photos as snapshots.

My wedding reports are documentary stories of families, friends and lovers spending a nice day together. Loose wedding photos without clichés.


"A selection of my most beautiful wedding pictures can be found in my portfolio."

wedding photographer Berlin

There are many great photographers out there, but do you personally fit in with them? As a wedding photographer, I have made it my business, in addition to a professional work, to make the day as pleasant as possible.

wedding photographer Berlin



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Wedding Films

D you also do videos? I am asked this more and more often and of course ... In addition to wedding photography, films are becoming increasingly popular. Your wedding will seem like a movie to you. Too fast, the day is over again. A wedding movie transports the emotions and moments of your day even more lifelike and gives you just that back.

Wedding Photos Berlin Brandenburg

As a Berlin wedding photographer, I mainly work in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, but follow you everywhere to tell your story.

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